Linda Jackson - Office Manager

My office manager, Linda Jackson, has been an integral part of my practice for over 20 years.


She provides a joyful, welcoming and calming effect to the office. Linda treats each person as I personally would want to be treated.


Stonewall the Dog

Stonewall, my dog, is a Boston Terrier who accompanies me daily to work. He has his own seat in my office and quietly listens as I talk with clients. He often goes to the waiting room and will bring clients back to my office.


Why is there a dog in the office?

Dogs are often a symbol of unconditional acceptance which can have a very calming effect for my clients.


Stonewall provides a relaxing atmosphere to begin the process of sharing. He is a loving animal who senses distress in others. Often, he tries to comfort clients when they are distressed.


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